The Masked Dances of Hemis Tsechu, and their symbolic interpretations

As you read further about each of the masked dances, I can assure you that a tad bit of Guru Rinpoche’s divine energy will flow toward you, as you think of him and simultaneously imagine the intensity at which each performance is taking place.


The Dolma Bhumther recitation in the Chokhang Vihara of Leh

An example of buddhist cultural traditions, this relatively small-scale event in the Chokhang Vihara of Leh, portrays the peaceful and non-violent methods of the Tibetan Buddhist community, in response to the injustices that the people of Tibet have been and are being subjected to, in Tibet, by the People’s Republic of China, and to the various atrocities happening around the globe. Sitting and participating through three days of the Dolma Bhumther, I learnt a lot of things on a personal level, but most importantly, I learnt that ‘hurt’ cannot combat ‘hurt’. ‘Love’ can combat ‘hurt’.

High Altitude Migrations

Heavy-duty iron guard collars with spikes are often fastened around the necks of these dogs to give them a slight advantage in the event of an intensely aggressive rebuff with the elusive snow leopard.

Dhokawade Lake

The sight of so much water, the cool breeze and the ripples caused by it, the dense cover of trees, birds chirping, a badling of playful ducks, the simple and relaxed conversations of a few villagers, all of these things rendered a very cooling and restful effect to the atmosphere.